a person who takes the blame when something goes wrong, a scapegoat
An unpopular politician is likely to become a punching bag.
by The Return of Light Joker April 1, 2009
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noun. When engaging in sexual activity with a particularly flexible girl (gymnast, ballerina, etc.), lift the girl's hips and push them directly over her face, so that her knees are alongside both sides of her head. By then penetrating her vaginally from the other side, there will be unavoidable scrotal slappage to the face. In this way, the testicles are like small fists punching a punching bag, and her face is like said punching bag. When performed at a rapid tempo, can be referred to as the speed bag. Note, this move becomes much easier to pull off when the female has great flexibility or the male has really droopy balls.
After finding out that the girl sitting next to him at the bar was a yoga instructor, Franklin's first thought was that he would take her home and have a shot at the punching bag.


As Bonnie was being slapped repeatedly in the face by Herman's testicles, she protested, "Hey! Easy there! What do I look like? A punching bag?!" Herman responded, "Bingo."
by Steve^O March 18, 2008
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people who are so annoying, you want to punch them out of your life.
He won't shut up, he us such a punching bag.
by The Big Thicc August 16, 2019
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When you punch yourself in the balls as hard as you can to kill the sperm right before you ejaculate into a woman's vagina as to avoid other forms of birth control.
"Wow, the punching bag I gave myself last night hurt, but not as bad as 18 years of child support would have."
by Kyle Willinger April 3, 2007
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When your ballsack is saggy and you stick it in her vagina when she's about to give birth so the baby starts kicking and punching at it like a punching bag from the uterus.
Right before my wife was about to give birth to my son, I performed the punching bag and he was already like manny pacquiao
by Robindaasian October 3, 2018
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A term used to describe a ballsack that has been punched.
Punching bag- Ahh be cool your punching the shit out of my ball bag.
by Rbomb04 November 14, 2014
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n. The act of taking a used condom, tying it at the end (resembling a real punching bag), and pummelling one's parter in the face with it until it breaks and the semen inside explodes on her face.
In exchange for a rowdy round of sex, John gave Betsy the punching bag.
by Bryce H. April 24, 2003
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