Someone who picks and picks at your very believable story until you break down and confess the truth.

or someone who points out something obvious to everyone else.
"Dude, how did your Mom find out you were'nt staying over at my house?"
"She gave me the Matlock."

"Man, it sure is raining."
"Thanks, Matlock."
by RousseauRetired June 2, 2009
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a lawyer from 80's and the only man to be able to kill chuck norris
Matlock is a skilled lawyer and can kill Chuck Norris
by that guy777 August 11, 2009
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What's up with Matlock over there, smelling like Bengay and hitting on that little beesting?
by B-Rock 10 July 8, 2011
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A very small town with one stop sign. The post office is also the grocery, gas, and feed store. Almost no one knows where it is and most people from there will pretend to be from Elma or Shelton to spare themselves embarassment. Major export: marijuana. A full set of teeth can only be found at a family reunion which doubles as a singles group date.
1. "Where the hell is Matlock?!"

"I have no friggin' idea... somewhere near BFE?"

by Satguru August 26, 2008
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Matlock originated from the word matlocked which was first used in the west country. Matlocked means 'drunk off your ass'. The word matlock has been changed over the years to mean 'drunken whore gasping for sex'. it is often directed a females who appear to have no pride.
'Look at her, she is one hell of a matlock'
by Alex Smithe March 12, 2008
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When a guy blows a sure thing to have inter-course with a female from a foreign country.
Derek just pulled a Matlock! That girl from Kenya that was all over him earlier just slapped him in the face and walked away!
by Dallas69 April 6, 2009
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To use ones meatwand to remove the teeth of an unsavory member of society with a hammer like motion.
Corey notices another recruit in the squadbay whos teeth are missing. The all knowing guide informs him that the cause is simple...a recruit tied him down and "matlocked" him with his hoohoo.
by The Truth Does Hurt March 24, 2009
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