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Humongous flapping pussy lips that resemble skin curtains.
It was so windy at the nude beach that her beef drapes were whistling in the breeze.When she body surfed the anchovies were nipping at her large venetian skin blinds
by doyle February 11, 2004

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little ass speed bump tits
That chick had some bee stings, I had to get out a magnifying glass to see those thangs.
by Doyle November 14, 2003

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floppy ass saggy breasts
Man, your sister has some flapjack tits.
by Doyle November 14, 2003

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a complex individual, even to complex to himself. Is usually misunderstood, becaause of the immense bullshit that he speaks that seems to make sense. Is a phycho-genius and make a lot of people think the same.
doyle wtf areyou talking about? wait that does make sense.
by doyle December 05, 2004

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A jack off device made of a rubber glove,a rolled up towel, some duct tape & a squirt of lotion. (Usually used in Prison)
Someone ripped off my Fee Fee Bag so I had go into the meat locker,Drill a hole into a 5 pound boneless turkey breast & fuck the shit out of it.
by Doyle March 07, 2004

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When you have a peanut headed eel swimming out of your skin cave & it is making you sport a chocolate chubby in the back of your underwear.
After 3 hours at the all you can eat buffet I was totally touching cotton.
by Doyle February 11, 2004

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Yelling out "mother" while banging your girlfriends mom.
I had to pull a glen danzig on that ass.
by doyle November 21, 2003

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