the girl says yes until it comes down to battle then she backs out
I was ready to nail Connie until she initiated a cease-fire. I had to go rub one off.
by Doyle November 15, 2003
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A forced cease to a brutal ratio twitter feud. After two hours the user with more likes, retweets, or comments wins. This may not be met with another ratio remark.
“I have more interactions, I call a Ratio Cease Fire”
“Can’t believe a famous twitter persona lost a ratio and had to call a Ratio Cease Fire”
by Christian Chernoff July 21, 2021
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The precise one-year interval between mass shootings in America, beginning with the onset of the Covid pandemic.
Between 3/16/20 and 3/16/21, mass shootings in America stopped. It was the Covid cease-fire year, and who can answer why they resumed with such force.
by Monkey's Dad April 16, 2021
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This school shooting was said to be the worst one of all time, a real Russian cease-fire.

The city was Russian-ceasefired to the ground.
by bayraktar March 27, 2022
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