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A shortened version fo "The local pub", which itself a contraction for the local public house. This does not always imply the nearest pub, just the nearest pub to which the author/speaker makes regular visits.
Go down the local, have a few pints, play some pool, watch the footie.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 15, 2004
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The Local is a local neighborhood person with a mental illness who kids hang out with and taunt and make fun of, thinking the local doesn't know better.

Still I think the locals enjoy the time they spend with the other kids despite the misdeeds of the neighborhood kids.

Locals are a great group to hang with as their perspective on life is so different it can add insight to your own.

The Local was so strong from his disregard to the limitations of strength, when he played football, he picked us up by the head about 4 feet off the ground and yelled "SQUUUUUEEZZE, KAAAH-RUNCH" while squeezing and crunching our heads (really really hard)

Even though he was terrible at football and insisted on wearing a helmet he could slump the other kids onto the sidelines and put them out of commission with a single blow (but he was somewhat careful, but he didn't know better sucks for the sideliners, lol)

The local was a great guy to hang with cause you never knew what to expect and a great person to have on your team though professionally I think he'd get misconduct flags every play, lol.
by GhettoNeophyte February 18, 2009
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