simply admitting you fucked up or you did something wrong.
giiirrrll, you ran out!
by sarajean864 January 16, 2011
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when someone screws up something simple that they do often; referring to sports
"I was dribbling down the court when i 'ran out of talent' and bounced it off of my foot"
by felix badcock July 9, 2006
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Getting head from your girlfriend when your still living at home
Yo, last night I ran out of gas. Sorry I was late!
by Full Attach July 12, 2017
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1.To be tired , give up.

2.When something is too funnydead
I ran out of life last night

Carma you made me run out of life with that joke.
by Bold and fabulous November 22, 2016
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dropping off like flies

To leave without saying good-bye…
To leave all of a sudden, quickly, abruptly, suddenly, unexpectedly …

To run away from a rused up situation
To leave the Ruse World and enter the 13th Planet . . . HELL

trick ruses from the 11th Floor &&&& 13th Floor are finally going
home where they belong, to the 13th Planet, Aliens from the 13th Planet,
and leaving all of this rused up situation, up to The Devil ... Satan …

Iron Maiden "666, The Number of the Beast", Godsmack "Voodoo", "Voodoo 2",

Inkubus Sukkubus "Hell Fire"...

Devil’s Thrown Hello + + + 06/06/06 six six six

stalker vagabond hermit + + + Trashy little trampy earth mind

trashy little trampy (anything) + + + trashy little trampy earth path
. . . They ran out the country . . . from the 11th Floor , <<<-----plagiarism ,
to the 13th Planet . . . . . HELL!!! <<<----- Devil’s Thrown

Trick Ruses ran out the country...BLAHHHHH!!!!
Trick Ruses need to vindicate themselves
from all of the shams ***plagiarism*** that they do!!!!!
by blthrskt December 1, 2009
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"Ran out of dick" should be used when someone fails spectacularly. "He tried to jump that car, but he ran outta dick."
When he was going for that backflip, he ran out of dick and didn't complete it and snapped his neck in half.
by Shadowfaux June 4, 2014
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