The whole of something, not one piece, but the complete thing.
"That entire movie was a waste of time."
"not one, not two, but the entire DVD set!"
by Ashton. June 24, 2006
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1. You mean the The Entire World to me and I love you so much!
2. You're the best person out of The Entire World
by Polish Kokichi June 4, 2019
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"Hey did you hear about that retard entire equine?" "I heard he shot himself in the face after trying to kill his arch rivals Popo, Joesucc, Gibby, Ezmarelda Slash, Smokey Brown, and of course, cars 2!"
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Adjective; Whole entire is used to describe/broaden the impact of a certain thing.
by OgSanti April 24, 2018
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"The Bible is an entirely fraudulent document, any similarities between characters in this book and real life are purely coincidence and the author takes no responsibility for any similarity"
by ulises May 23, 2004
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The written equivalent of 'I (or 'you') have no life'. It is derived from the TiVo television recording device. When you have selected a program to record, the machine asks you if you want to 'Record Entire Series'. This choice will provide you with much viewing fodder for months to come. This is a necessary choice for those devoid of options for social interaction.
Person 1: So, what are you doing this Saturday.
Person B: I don't know, rearranging my sock drawer.
Person 1: And that night?
Person B: Reading "The Two Towers", or something on TV.
Person 1: Jesus. Record entire series.
Person B: Yeah, I know. Don't need to rub it in.
by Mike Grant October 7, 2007
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A verb used when talking about a great evil or catastrophe.
A: "Oh no I have unleashed the The Entire French Language!"
The world ends
by five's July 8, 2022
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