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Connie is the most beautiful person in the world, she's a princess nothing in this world compares to her beauty, from head to toe she's magnificent, her smile that's dang smile that's majestic as the sun, her eyes her small beautiful mythical eyes that compares to stars in the sky,her face her legendary face that when I see it makes me speechless, her hands her small hands that are soo marvelous that feel soo soft,just her self is enough to kill a guy with happiness
Dude1: you see that girl over there *point at connie*

Dude2:yeah why?
Dude1:one day ima make her my wife :)
by MessiahxChrist August 07, 2019
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A kind, sweet, beautiful girl who is also surprisingly outgoing yet lacks self esteem. She loves to hang out and has a personality to die for. Meeting a Connie results in love at first sight for most people, and Connie's are usually asked out on a regular basis. Many other girls are generally jealous of a Connie. Connie's also have great bodies and are usually super hot. Most guys are jealous of the boyfriend of a Connie. Most of the time guys that Connie's dates turn out to be regrettable. Usually, it is said that a Connie will tell her best friends that she would have rather dated the guys she rejected than the ones she actually dated. Connie's are very thoughtful people and if you have one, never let go because you've got a treasure unlike any other!!
Guy 1 -Damn! Did you see that chick? Shes so hot!
Guy 2 -Yea! dude shes all mine.
Guy 1 -You're nuts she'd never date you!
Guy 2 -WTF man I thought we were on a team here!

Guy- Connie, I love you.
Connie- I love you too (realizes later that that guy was totally bullsh*ting her.)
by randomguy156 June 28, 2009
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Connie's are usually absolutely gorgeous girls. They have a love for bright colours and are usually hyper-active. They are known to come out with random things. Connie's are totally unpredictable! Boys are always chasing after Connie's (pffft not fair!!!) Everybody knows that if you are friends with a Connie you are special.
Connie is also a fish name.

Everybody wants to be a Connie!

Woah! Have you seen Connie? Ain't she gorgeous!

I'm jealous of Connie, she has half the school chasing after her!
by PandemoniumPrincess April 29, 2009
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A woman who is extremely gorgeous. she is amazing at making friendships and keeping them, although she is not the most popular person. she keeps to herself. she will never throw the first punch, but you better bet shes gonna throw the last. she sticks up for friends and family, no matter what they may have done to her in the past. all the men want her, but you would have to be pretty special to have a Connie by your side. she loves the outdoors, is the complete opposite of what someone might call a "sissy", and she loves summer.

Connies are usually looked at as awkward and unlikable from afar, but once you get to know her and be around her, she is a friend you will never forget. she is also spontaneous. she is usually not skinny, but far from fat. she is very intellegent, but isnt arrogant about it.

Connie's are the pretty ladies you want to get to know more. all around beautiful.
guy 1: hey is that connie?
Guy 2: yeah, cant take your eyes off her huh?
by that one crazy chick March 26, 2013
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A very sweet, kind girl but lacks in confident. Has a very positive attitude and is loyal to those she cares about. She might never get the love back from those she cares about, but she will never give up on them. That's what's special about Connie's! Connie's are also very creative and friendly! So never be scared to talk to her! Sometimes she might look for love, someone to take care of her and laugh with her. She may like the wrong people and feel hurt after, but she accepts it. She will accept any challenges that may come her way and deal with it. Even through she may seem very weak on the outside, she is actually very strong in the inside. Never underestimate a Connie!
Omg Connie's here!
Connie is so nice!
by pinkolosophy March 21, 2017
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A girl who falls in love with the wrong people too quickly. Such a character. Fun loving and extremely joyful, can be a bit badass when she wants to be. Isn't afraid to show her true feelings to somebody. A lovely smile and gorgeous eyes. Doesn't care what people think of her and lives life like it's the last day on Earth. So many men would crawl across the world for Connie, but she falls in love with the wrong people who treat her like shit every time and she ends up regretting her decisions.
Boy: woah, she's so gorgeous.
Boy 1: yeah, she's Connie.
Boy: shall I speak to her?
Boy 1: no, she's like, totally in love with Harry, she can't get him off her mind.
Boy: dang!
by Andreazgonzalen November 03, 2013
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The most beautiful girl in the world, also a hottie with a body, most deffinatley. Connies are amazing! If you ever meet a girl named Connie, bow down to her.. and RESPECT her. Connies may become famous some day... so u might want to get to know her. shes a cool kid.
omg! connie is soo hott and cool!
by heeyy! June 22, 2009
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