to be very high from smoking marijuana
We got kicked out of home ecinomics cause we would always show up toasted and eat all the cookies.
by cliff December 7, 2002
Being totally fucked from shmoking the weed.
Dude I've drilled like 10 hotties and I'm totally toasted.

I'm so toasted man that I'm sitting on the couch, wrapped in a blanket and dreamin about a glass of water.
by Darbs May 27, 2005
fucked up, wasted, drunk off your ass, etc.
Also, bread can be toasted.
Ex 1: She was toasted last night after 65 shots of tequila.
by rofljen June 2, 2006
Turned a golden, crispy brown due to heating a delcious bowl of weed.
Sweet Jesus am I toasted!
by B. March 3, 2003
She went to the bar and just got toasted.
by jeff March 21, 2004
extremely intoxicated, usually drunk. Often used in small, rather snooty suburban towns to describe drunkenness and the stupidity drunkenness entails.
After one skinny margarita, I was totally toasted.

I was so drunk, all I could think of was cinnamon toasted crunch and pork fried toasted.
by Westport Weekend Woman July 4, 2011
to be drunken to the point at which you can no longer function
Uncle Scott got so toasted at the game and almost got arrested for peeing in public
by missing_zomes February 9, 2019