one of the best foods ever. seriously man, if you have not tried this, what in the fuck have you been doing. its easy to make and it tastes Sooooooooooooooooooo fucking good. if you like cocks, specifically, chickens (your perverted ass thought it was penis, did u?) your in luck. chicken sandwiches exist. and their delicious. if your a disgusting sloppy vegan, theres a sandwich for that, ya like eggs? theres a sandwich for that. if you like humans, first off what the absolute fuck is wrong with you, second, theres a sandwich for that. but how do you make it? bread slice, wat ever u want, bread slice. easy shit.
sandwiches are good,
sandwiches are good.
eat a sandwich
feel real good.
by the cooler penguin27 April 22, 2020
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Why the hell dont you know what a sandwich is?

I guess ill explain anyways,
A sandwich is when you have two peices of bread and put PB&J in the middle ( or another combination ) and smash the two bread peices together, and you eat it

Now You should know what a fucking sandwich is, even though you should.
Guy 1: fuckboicome over here and make me a sandwich
Fuckboi: why the fuck should I?
Guy 1: cause you didnt give me that gas money when we went to WalMart.
Guy 2: make the man a goddamn sandwhich.
by what that ninja do September 7, 2015
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1. (noun) A popular lunch concoction consisting of two or more pieces of bread with various meats, cheeses or condiments in between them. Derived from Earl of Sandwich of England who is said to have first popularized the meal in the 18th century.

2. (verb) To compress something with force between two other objects.

3. (noun) A vile, old woman who practices Wicca and lives on the beach. Easily identified by nose wart and close proximity to shoreline.

4. (noun) A sexual situation involving three people, mostly metaphorical. Literally, it is a sexual position in such a gathering where one person receives sexual stimulation from one person below them, and the other participant above them; usually a female between two males where her vagina and anus are penetrated by each male simultaneously.
1. "Angus was making me a peanut butter sandwich and he dropped a slice face down in the dirt so I made him eat it."

2. "When the train came to a sudden stop I was sandwiched between two fat guys with an armpit in my face. That's why I smell like this."

3. KID: "Daddy! I saw a sandwich!"
DAD: "Don't be silly, boy."

4. I'd sandwich Tanya if she was the one who asked for it, but since it was Howard's idea then he's a fuckin' meat gazer.
by Mickey Nation November 15, 2006
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A sandwich is two slices of any kind of bread with any number of condiments in the middle. An example of such condiments would be:
anything fucking edible.

NOTE: For a sandwich to be a sandwich, it MUST have two slices of bread, it cannot be condiments on top of 1 slice of bread, it HAS to be two, anything less than two is not a fucking sandwich. I'm so FUCKING TIRED of DUMB FUCKING IDIOTS that think that any kind of condiment on one slice of bread is a sandwich, it's so fucking dumb I'm actually almost at my wits end with it i cannot bear the pain i have to go through everyday thinking about these FUCKING UNEDUCATED MONKEYS eating their food like this, and then even go one step further and call it a FUCKING SANDWICH. IT IS NOT A SANDWICH. IT IS BREAD WITH RANDOM SHIT ON TOP OF IT. If you do this, you are actually a fucking failure to society and will never succeed in life. If you don't know how to identify a sandwich, there is no hope for you. Your entire fucking family tree probably has the collective IQ of fucking 36 and i sincerely hope you don't have children because i DO NOT want to grow up in a world where there are kids thinking that a slice of bread with random condiments on top of it is a sandwich. Please kill yourself you worthless pieces of shit.
random worthless waste of oxygen piece of shit: guys i made a sandwich!!!
guy with common sense: cool what's in it?
random worthless waste of oxygen piece of shit: well i just toasted a singular piece of bread and put some cheese on it its pretty good actually its kinda soggy tho
guy with common sense: jesus fucking christ you monkey brain idiot thats not a fucking sandwich thats a slice of bread with condiment on it what is wrong with you?? did you go to school??? do i need to buy you one of those fucking children books about food that teach 4 year olds the most basic objects and foods?? what the fuck is wrong with you
by poopybutt69420 December 10, 2022
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Another term for marijuana, in reference to the tv show "How I Met Your Mother"
Me: put out your sandwich, the Dean's coming.

You: Dude, this sandwich is too big for me.
by lilie_69 February 7, 2012
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