Short for Battle Buddy. A term used in the US Army to describe a good friend, someone you would trust with your life, and team mate in a military unit.
Soldier 1: Hey battle, cover my 6 while I clear this room.
Soldier 2: Roger that battle.
by John December 15, 2007
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the one who keeps an eye on you for protection
hollywood stars have to choose qualified battles
by memotota July 8, 2009
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Just like u've got the cell in Biology
and as u've got the atom in Physics,
u've got "battle" as the core of Hip-hop.
Hip-hop without MC's battling on the mic or DJ's battling on the turntable is incomplete!
If u're doin' rap and u ain't got no battle, it's like u're in a boat and u ain't got no paddle.
by C-jay May 4, 2005
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To rap orally against another individual, as in a contest; to orally recite rap or hip hop lyrics back and forth between 2 or more individuals.
Jay Kay and I were in a battle together against Jaime's group.
by KaBookie August 28, 2003
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To have a group of men slap their penises together in an act of sexual arousal. The winner is often deemed as the person to ejaculate last. A battle is the general term. However, an entire hierarchy exists for different amounts of people that can establish an entire mathematical theory of combinatorial games.
Tai Chi is one man mastubating,swordfightis two men, Mexican standoff is three men, double date is four men,...,sausage house is ten men. This list can continue on forever
"Sorry I was late, I got in this wicked battle. I was a swordfight away from winning"

"Sorry about that, I'm not very good at battling. I'll clean up and go."

"That battle was epic!"

"This battle reminds me of when I was on the scene of Braveheart."
by fresh2 April 18, 2007
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when two or more emcees are making the other ones look bad in the eyes of the audience using rymes which they make up at the moment of the battle. vulgar words are used, so is irony, and any kind of insult.
gangstarr: u wanna battle me?
by Risk4graffiti January 24, 2007
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