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Short for Battle Buddy. A term used in the US Army to describe a good friend, someone you would trust with your life, and team mate in a military unit.
Soldier 1: Hey battle, cover my 6 while I clear this room.
Soldier 2: Roger that battle.
by John December 14, 2007
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Battle is the Core system of Hiphop.

you battle on the Mic (Rap)
you battle on the floor (Breakdance)
you battle on turntables (Turntablism)
you battle on the wall (Graffiti)

When you find yourself competing using any one of these you are a true hiphop head not the shit talking, preaching muthafucking backpacker.
you talk to much shit!!! lets BATTLE THEN BITCH!!! wha?? where ya going!! hahahahah homeboy is all talk and no skillz.

by MR GRAFFITI ROCK February 27, 2004
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an exclamation of impending awesomnity, perhaps a scuffle. This has been known to be the warcry of Daving Liu and all who have seen him.
"I've heard your skills are unsurmountable."
"Oh?! BATTLE?!"
by Danny Vincent January 09, 2006
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To perform or do anything. Popularized by BC Tom from Atlanta.
"I'm gonna battle on down to the dining hall - you want anything Chris?"

"I just bought this huge keg of Natty Light. Want some?"
"Hell yeah - I'll battle that."

"Gary, when are you gonna battle that 30 page paper that's due tomorrow?"
by Scott May 27, 2004
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Just like u've got the cell in Biology
and as u've got the atom in Physics,
u've got "battle" as the core of Hip-hop.
Hip-hop without MC's battling on the mic or DJ's battling on the turntable is incomplete!
If u're doin' rap and u ain't got no battle, it's like u're in a boat and u ain't got no paddle.
by C-jay May 04, 2005
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To rap orally against another individual, as in a contest; to orally recite rap or hip hop lyrics back and forth between 2 or more individuals.
Jay Kay and I were in a battle together against Jaime's group.
by KaBookie August 28, 2003
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