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A state where 98% of its area gets a bad rap from 2%. There's a helluva lot more to New York than the City.
by Don October 27, 2003
A detergent, used to wash hogs.
"Honey, run down to the feed store and get some hogwash"
by Don August 7, 2004
Fetch, Fetching, Fetcher, Mother Fetcher are substitute by religious people for Fuck, Fucking, and Fucker.
"Oh, my fetching heck"
"Thats fetching cool!"
"He's such a fetcher"
"Mother Fetcher!"
by Don August 7, 2004
A functional, easy-to-use operating system that can be perfectly stable if you want it to be. The OS is only as good as its operator, guys.
I have been running Windows 2000 Professional for two-and-a-half years, and have yet to see it crash spontaneously. The only time it has ever crashed was when I caused software conflicts myself.
by Don March 9, 2005
ride and destroy.
A rad skate session. we skated, we destroyed
by Don October 7, 2008
To flush a toilet after shutting of the water supply to it so it has no water supply. Then you defecate in in the now dry bowl. The next sorry bastard comes in to use the toilet wondering what that foul odor is and tries to flush it down before he/she uses the toilet only to see that there is no water and they are SHIT out of luck on using the toilet.
The walmart got a drydocker last night and I was the poor bastard who walked in on the surprise. I tried hard to flush it, but there was no water. I wanted to vomit all over the place.
by Don May 1, 2011
to rid a toilet of it flushing water and then to deficate in to the toilet, thus a dry docker
I went to wal mart and gave them a dry docker, it was hilarious.
by Don September 28, 2003