John Z. DeLorean's greatest creation (next to the DeLorean). Built beginning in 1964 as an option package for the Pontiac Tempest LeMans, it was immediately successful. GTO stands for Gran Turismo Omologato, or in English, Grand Touring Homologated. It envolved taking a relatively small Tempest body, removing the 4-cylinder engine, and dropping in a much larger 389 cu. in. V-8 found in the Pontiac Bonneville. The result was an absolute thrill to drive. To date it is regarded by any true sports car authority as one of the greatest sports cars ever made. To this day, they can be seen beating Domestics and Imports alike.
Smart Guy - "That '67 GTO with 402 cu. in. V-8 and Edelbrock High-Rise Intake with Supercharger will beat just about anything on the track."
Honda Driver - "yeah rite dawg my honda civic wit nawzZzZz port injeKshon wud OwNn that piese of america car crap"

ps - using the initials GTO to stand for anything Japanese should constitute a federal offense. italians are still cool though (their cars (and cartoons) dont suck).
by monzacorvair66 September 6, 2003
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It’s the abbreviated Way of saying Guanajuato
Person 1: “PURO GTO PUTOS”
Person 2:”y si wey!”
by Lup**ta March 27, 2019
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ahhh, the muscle car. Standing for gran turismo omologato, or nick-name GAS-TIRES-OIL., on account of your gonna need alot of all 3 when you drive it. Whatever you wanna call it, it was named after the ferrari 250 of the same badge. Appearing in 1964 as a high-end package on the tempest, it was the first muscle car, not mustang. If you look at mustang , those people try to say that it was the first. Anyway, in late '63, John DeLorean got to work, he dropped a 389 in a tempest to give it 325 hp, dual exhausts,AFB 4-barrel carb, 3.23 final drive and tons of GTO badges. Yes it got bigger, to 400 CI, but after '72, more fuel effecient cars were gaining popularity. In '74, it was discontinued. But in 04, america got to see the new GTO, true to its roots, 400 hp and rear wheel drive.
all you have to do is drive it, i couldn't explain it.
by don July 13, 2005
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An acronym that means "Get Thee Out." it is the SFW version of GTFO.
It would've been GTH, ("get thee hence") had that word not already been taken.
Guy at work: "A friend request from That Guy?! Never, GTO!"
*looks around*
Boss: "You're fired."
by Astrapto November 4, 2010
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Great Teacher Onizuka, possibly the best anime series I've seen in a long time.
man, I jsut finished GTO the animation, now i have to buy the entire manga set!!
by InfinityBuffer August 18, 2004
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A very rare, but bad-ass muscle car also know as the "goat"
Pontiac's most genius creation, too bad the new desicrates its name
by James Lowe October 25, 2004
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"Get them out".
Slang term lamented to a woman who's breasts you'd like to see. Invented by Joe Griffith of York, Pennsylvania in the late 1990's.
That bitch over there got some big ol' titties; she needs to GTO!
by Captain Awesome December 4, 2003
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