79 definition by Don

A demeaning phrases to explain the
everyday behaviour or reactions of a
shorter man. This circular definition
is very much like the black man's
supposed "chip on the shoulder," or a
female's "penis envy".

It is a device to excuse discrimination
by blaming the recipient of that
Redneck 1: "Hey, that guy got angry when I ridiculed him for being short."

Redneck 2: "He did? I guess that must be short man's syndrome."
by don April 30, 2004

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Originally, the '69 Dodge Charger from the tv show, "The Dukes of Hazzard. The car had a 426 hemi that Luke had built and bought a car to put it in. The car was then painted orange with the confederate flag on the roof and the number 01, and of course, it was called the general lee. The car was altered very little, unless it was getting jumped, the only cosmetic add on other than the paint was a grill gaurd. In some episodes the car had a 440 magnum rather than the hemi, but who noticed?. Now, there are a large number of people who have meticulously rebuilt their own general lee chargers, so there are much more general lee's in existance now.
(dixie horn) Yeeeee-Haaawwwww. (smash)
by don August 10, 2005

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The act of getting up extremely early - sometimes before sunrise (i.e, "dawn") -to go surfing. This term is most often used by Surfers, but it still can be used outside of surfing and refers to getting a very early start to the day.
Bob, Varno, and I are surfing a dawn patrol session at Rincon tomorrow morning.
by Don January 16, 2004

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sala kuta
by Don August 24, 2003

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Fart, gas, cheese, break wind, cut, cut cheese, rip, ripped the cheese, let, let one, ripper, skunk bait, fluffer, poofer, false pooper, put-put, poof-poof, brown-dart, blue-dart, chair air, room clearer, angel's whisper, the dog did it, rotten eggs, anal methane.
"I had such bad flatulence, I could not sleep"
by Don August 06, 2004

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ahhh, the muscle car. Standing for gran turismo omologato, or nick-name GAS-TIRES-OIL., on account of your gonna need alot of all 3 when you drive it. Whatever you wanna call it, it was named after the ferrari 250 of the same badge. Appearing in 1964 as a high-end package on the tempest, it was the first muscle car, not mustang. If you look at mustang , those people try to say that it was the first. Anyway, in late '63, John DeLorean got to work, he dropped a 389 in a tempest to give it 325 hp, dual exhausts,AFB 4-barrel carb, 3.23 final drive and tons of GTO badges. Yes it got bigger, to 400 CI, but after '72, more fuel effecient cars were gaining popularity. In '74, it was discontinued. But in 04, america got to see the new GTO, true to its roots, 400 hp and rear wheel drive.
all you have to do is drive it, i couldn't explain it.
by don July 12, 2005

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another name for sizurp or: One part strawberry soda (8oz), one part cough syrup, one teaspoon crushed codeine.
Beanie Sigel - Purple Rain: Please don't blow my high, when I'm sippin on that purple rain. I know it might sound crazy/it keeps me lazy
by Don April 14, 2005

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