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When you masturbate furiously and suddenly your leg contracts and you go through an non explainable pain.
I experienced an Framp yesterday, my leg hurt like hell.
by Haxo July 06, 2016
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To smack someone on the forhead with a semi-erect penis. Usually a degrading process. Sometimes seen in crappy porn films as well.

Can also be refered to as the Peter Frampton.
Damn thats some crappy service, so I told the guy in the drive-thru framp you.
by Don November 16, 2004
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When you are too lazy to use stairs, you use the local ramp. that is a little fat. you are now using the fat ramp. aka- framp.
"joe, i dont like stairs. I am going on the framp"
by pandajoi January 18, 2005
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That girl is always all over everyone else's guy...thinking she's all sexy with her skin tight clothes and gut hanging out looking like a stuffed sausage..What a FRAMP
by gypsymama May 30, 2014
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expression used for anything under the sun, usually describing an action; term for dissaproval
Kid 1: Yo that chick look mad good.
Kid 2: Framps! Shes ugly as hell.

Kid1:(in the act of karate chopping someones balls) framps!
by Mike Baxter April 16, 2007
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