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A Canadian in the U.S invented Basketball.
"Dr. Neismith, how do we get the ball out of the peach basket?"
by Don August 10, 2004
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scrt is a word that is used to describe many things. Its primary meaning is for when ur going a 120 mph on the highway and then deside to pull the ebreak...the second meaning is one that basically says that u can use the word scrt in replacement for anyother word...
primary definition: ya i was drivin on route to in my e class then i descided to scrt
secondary definition: ya so she was on the phone with me and i was all scrt
by Don April 06, 2004
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The unfortunate quality of being quite dumb, naive, "retarted", unwise, inability to cope with reality.
Due to your extreme spedulance, you couldn't even make it into the special ed class.
by Don November 21, 2003
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When the insult "cock" just isnt enough, the insult can be lengthed to cocknocker
"my dear Jeremy, I have decided to finish our relationship because of your inability to commit to me or my feelings. You are truely a cocknocker"
by Don February 12, 2004
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Coo is another shortened way of saying killer cool. Cartman of south park also uses it.
This site is coo, real coo
by Don February 11, 2004
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Quite possably the most over priced shit tasting beer, EVER!
by Don February 26, 2005
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