1. Even better than a blowjob, it's when the person actually hums/vibrates their lips while their mouth is around your cock.
2. One of the least fuel efficient vehicles on the Earth.
I rode home in a Hummer while recieving a hummer.
by Cummy worm August 21, 2010
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More than a blowjob; it's when a girl actually hums (thus vibrating her lips) when her mouth has encased your engorged penis or balls.
by John E. November 13, 2002
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A blow job which incorporates a gentle humming while performing the duty to increase stimulation.
My husband asked me to give his boss a hummer to thank him for giving him a promotion.
by Belinda November 5, 2004
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1. A civilan version of the military vechicle Humvee. Hummer's are produce by the General Motors Company. Currently there are two version's H2 and H1.
2. A Blowjob when the girl hums during the BJ
by RobT September 20, 2003
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No, not the SUV, an extremely pleasureable type of oral sex which involves the female humming to create a vibrating sensation in the penis during oral sex.
by Hubs June 20, 2003
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A dick magnifying four ton metal phallic symbol.
"Rick just bought that big hummer. Rumor has it he has a micro-penis."
by king of graphics January 12, 2007
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1. When in an engorging BJ, the BJer hums, creating a slight vibration in the lips. No comparison to a normal BJ when looking at pleasure.

2. A un-godly large box of a SUV, said car is a gas guzzler, most of the owners are not indeed off-road inthusists, but just rich upper class Men who work at insurance companies. Most men who own Hummers have never actually taken it off the pavement, the only place it is usefull is military and off roading.

3. (Hummered) When a sports mom is hit by shock at the enormous gas bill, after driving her gas-guzzling SUV or minivan, paying for the $2.70/gallon 12 mpg vechicle.
1. "Dude Cassie gave me a wicked Hummer while we were doing clutch the other day."

2. "Dude look at that mother of a fucker, driving his big ass Hummer, wastin' all my gas, and pollutin' my mother fuckin' air. Hey go suck a dick, assface!"

3. "Dude you should have seen this soccer mom get hummered the other day, I threw a dil doh at her face I was laughing so hard!"
by Rice Hater June 27, 2005
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