1. John Z. DeLorean - former chief engineer for General Motors, responsible for many of GM's successes, such as the GTO. Left GM in 1973 to form his own auto company, DeLorean Motor Company (DMC). After two years of operation, the company was shut down by creditors, and DeLorean was arrested on charges of cocaine trafficking. DeLorean was aquitted of all charges.
2. The gull-winged car produced by the DeLorean Motor Company. Although the official name of the car was "DeLorean DMC-12", most people referred to the car simply as "The DeLorean". The futuristic car became even more popular after its usage in the "Back to the Future" trilogy.
1. John Delorean was probably the most innovative designer in automotive history

2. "Are you telling me you built a time machine....out of a DeLorean??" - Michael J. Fox (Marty McFly)

"The way I see it, if you're going to put a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style!" - Christopher Lloyd (Dr. Emmitt Brown)
by hollywood2311 August 2, 2004
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A style of automobiles made from 1980 to 1982 invented by John Z. DeLorean, which have gullwing doors and a stainless steel construction. The DeLorean motorcar was used in the Back to the Future trilogy.
by maggosh November 8, 2006
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Coolest car EVER.

Known to most people via its use as a time machine in "Back to the Future." Ya don't think Doc woulda tricked out a minivan or a clunky SUV and sent that to another century, do ya?
Last Saturday, I was overcome by the presense of my friend's DeLorean. The wing-opening doors and polished steel exterior were especially pimpin'.
by skyblack June 10, 2004
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The ultimate must have car.

Designed by John Z. DeLorean whom challenged the automotive industry when he rolled out his ethical sports car from hios factory in Northern Ireland. A series of court battles and limited sales of his car led to his eneviatble bankrupcy. This happened dispite the car being chosen for the film, although it was too late for John DeLorean's company it was just in time to save the car.
Today, because of the success of the film it is a sought after piece of memorabillia as only 8,583 DeLoreans were ever made, this was during 1981, 1982 and 1983.
You can find DeLoreans advertised for sale in newspapers, in car magazines, and on the Internet, with lots and lots of miles accrued and still commanding $20,000-$40,000. And those prices are going up. Indeed, the gold-plated DMC-12s go for $175.000.
by The Informer January 24, 2005
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A futuristic car designed by John Z. DeLorean back in the 80's. 130bhp, 95-130mph (US only) originating in Ireland where the car had 170bhp. Sadly the AAA (American Auto Association) put in a speed reducer and reduced the bhp by 40. 0-60 acceleration, about 8-10 secs. 19-21 mpg. Small, rear-mounted V-6 engine. The stainless-steel body of the car greatly impacted the handling. Ranged from 20,000-40,000 dollars. Used in the Back to the Future triogy where the cars' sales sky-rocketed in the US. Only about 8,000 were made before John was accused and aquitted of all charges against drug trafficing and the DMC company was put out of business by creditors. A 4-karot-gold-plated DeLorean was avalible; only 4 were made.
The DeLorean was a cool-lookin' car with shit-ass handling.
by Chris Deben April 10, 2007
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The DeLorean was made in Ireland. John Z. got caught dealing Coke (cocaine). DeLorean Motor Company was "on the rocks", ie, bankrupt. But, the drink tastes good!
by Shelly Bozdog June 19, 2006
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