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To do something successfully and effortlessly.
Dude I'm going to ball out on that test bro, shit's so easy I didn't even need to study
by bromarsharif December 07, 2011
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a. term of confirmation

b. term to express motivation or excitement

c. positive term to explain how well you performed
a. "hey so ur goin to tht party tonite rite?" "ya ballout".

b. "lets go! ballout!"

c. "yoo u shud've seen me at my game yesterday i was ballin out"
by balloutfam June 10, 2009
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A Wack ass rapper from Chi-town
Is a part of Chief Keef's Glory Boys Ent and has totally no skill
-Have you heard Ballout's new mixtape
-Yea,and that's the shit I don't like
by WildReckless June 12, 2013
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To shoot indiscriminately towards a perceived opposition.
When the pigs killed his people Mark Essex was forced to ball out on them.
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by Mansa Obi March 24, 2017
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mesh shorts worn when playing basketball

shorts you wear to play basketball in. typically longer than regular shorts, they come to the knee area
"Yeah, I'd love to beat you in 21, let me just go grab my shoes and some ball outs"
by bean21 August 08, 2006
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