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ahhh, the muscle car. Standing for gran turismo omologato, or nick-name GAS-TIRES-OIL., on account of your gonna need alot of all 3 when you drive it. Whatever you wanna call it, it was named after the ferrari 250 of the same badge. Appearing in 1964 as a high-end package on the tempest, it was the first muscle car, not mustang. If you look at mustang , those people try to say that it was the first. Anyway, in late '63, John DeLorean got to work, he dropped a 389 in a tempest to give it 325 hp, dual exhausts,AFB 4-barrel carb, 3.23 final drive and tons of GTO badges. Yes it got bigger, to 400 CI, but after '72, more fuel effecient cars were gaining popularity. In '74, it was discontinued. But in 04, america got to see the new GTO, true to its roots, 400 hp and rear wheel drive.
all you have to do is drive it, i couldn't explain it.
by Don July 13, 2005
a very sick type of weed with alot of crystals and gets u higher than a motherfucker
i cop my haze from washington heights
by Don March 28, 2005
A Vagina that belongs to a whore.
by Don September 25, 2006
A guy who likes little boys off container ships
officer arrest that man for fiddling.
by Don March 11, 2003
A very noble person, in all aspects, very respected by everyone he meets. Very loveable and sexy.
Every loves Wopachang. Meaning everyone loves a noble person and has respect for him.
by Don March 16, 2004
Acronym for , Nitrous Oxide Sytems, used for fuel injected cars ( can be used for carbuerated, with a lot more hassle and cussing) to boost the car's acceleration by injecting a pre-determined shot of nitrous oxide into the fuel-air mixture. Doing this creates a feeling similar to turbo-charging your car. This can sometimes be a cheaper alternative to turbo or super chargers. However, nitrous requires refilling whereas turbo does not, so turbo pays off in the long run. Both can create an undesirable high pitched sound commonly heard in briggs and stratton's, I mean 4-bangers. So for a way to increase performance w/out 2-stroke sounds, please see NA
riceboy-dude my nitrous made my car do an 18 second 1/4.
chevyman-yeah, that's cool, my camaro ran that stock without leaving 3rd. ALL THROTTLE, NO BOTTLE!!!
by Don June 22, 2005
DQ: An acronym used by staff in long-term medical facilities (care centers) for Decubitus Ulcers.

Commonly known as Bedsores, these pernicious, open wounds are usually found on the buttocks or hips of decrepit, (incontinent), often senile old people in rest homes.

DQ: An acronym use by Dairy Queen as a brand label for some hamburgers and other foods.
“After I clean up the shit and piss off Mr. Simmons, and finish treating his oozing, malodorous DQ on his ass, I want to go to Dairy Queen for a DQ Burger, DQ Fries and a Blizzard. Mm, mm, mh
by Don August 13, 2004