Short for commissioned-officer.
Military noncomissioned member: "Here comes an officer!"
by Robert Weston February 7, 2008
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That Muthafuckin police Officer pulled me over and took my sticky icky.
by Knowledge November 10, 2003
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one who exemplifies the purity of the word toolbag
that officer is a toolbag
by not a tool April 7, 2009
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is the best show this world will ever see.
I love The Office so much it is the best show ever.
by karlSDT23 November 8, 2018
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A BBC2 office comedy that was a huge hit in the UK. The US version is also very funny, with Steve Carrell starring as the boss. A quiet kind of humour that will have you doubling over.
Steve Carrell: "This is Pam, our secretary. If you think she's cute now, you should have seen her two years ago! Ho boy!"
by hawkdude56 April 22, 2005
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A waiting room where most of us wait to die after we have completed college.
If someone works a 40 hour a week job for 40 years, they will have spent approximately 9 years of their life at work. And since so many die soon after retirement, offices are waiting rooms for people waiting to die.
by edvhou812 May 20, 2012
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