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A family of legends, royalty and class. the most royal of them all being Mr. Gearbox who would set and change mankind in more ways than one.
your beautiful, you look like a geary
by vapg February 01, 2007
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When someone has a high level of substance abuse, or just looks like someone who does.
Hey Brennan, you’re looking real geary this morning - have you slept or do your just look like you are on the gear all the time?
by Ricki January 02, 2018
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The frequent release of loud burbs at inappropiate times
There she was getting off with that hot Swedish guy and she totally Gearyed in his face!
by Dr Danger September 01, 2010
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The most depraved and deviant type of over 60s lady
Oh my God, I thought she was going to be wild, but I never banked on her being a Geary. My ass has never bled so much
by Mary Met December 29, 2011
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