studies that are intended to provide general knowledge and intellectual skills, rather than specialized occupational or professional skills.
Fred wanted to open his mind to many things, rather than become a carpenter, so he majored in liberal arts.
by nameo September 17, 2005
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A major you pick in college when you don't know what to do with yourself. The major doesn't focus on anything specific. You waste your time and money just to have the bragging right that you're attending college.
Eric didn't know what to do with his life so majored in liberal arts. After college, he finally found a job working as an insurance adjuster which required no college education.
by jonas the great July 6, 2006
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The art of being a liberal; the pursuit of both education and poverty at the same time, the crux of which is a liberal arts degree.
Jaclyn received a degree in Media Study from a prestigious liberal arts college and works at Starbucks fifty hours a week to repay her $120,000 of debt.
by ramzo March 14, 2008
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The art of being liberal
Wow John, did you really go to college for 4 years for a stupid liberal arts degree?
by poliman_original August 2, 2022
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What you major in college if you don't want a job when you graduate.
Bill majored in liberal arts, Alex majored in Business Administration, and Andrea majored in Engineering. Bill is the only one currently unemployed.
by YouAreUnemployedAndItsUrFault October 29, 2012
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'Free mans' Arts

A way of expressing yourself freely with no penalty
Liberal Arts: an Artist becoming an 'Artist' without any type of limitation
by Jer-Hey!!! September 22, 2008
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an idiot who doesnt know that the hell there doing with there life so they spend unnecessary amounts of money to get a degree in bullshitting
liberal arts college costs multiple thousands of dollars and most of the time you spend wasted
by bridgewaterbullshit September 11, 2011
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