Acronym for 'Asian Fucc Boi'. An AFB typically is super swole, wears muscle tanks and tight v neck t shirts 2 sizes too small to show off his muscles, has ear piercings, wears a gold chain around his neck, a hard-part comb-over hairstyle, and is usually tan. These species are most likely of Filipino or Chinese descent, but you can also see them in Japanese and other Asian ethnicities. You will most likely find an AFB in the Bay, or Yay, Area. AFB's usually talk like gangstas and act super ghetto, as well as hang out with other AFBs and ABGs (see definition for Asian Baby Girl). An AFB is basically the male version of an ABG. He will most likely fucc yo bitch and steal them all, and is usually fly as fuck. He also listens to a lot of trap music and hip-hop. Be cautious if you're out with your girl and you spot an AFB, as he will most likely steal yo bitch and pipe her, as you cry yourself to sleep because you look like a skinny, pale, nerdy and harmless Asian boy.
Andrew: Ayy man you see Jared over there trying to get at Brandon's girl??
Logan: Yeah man, he's for sure an AFB with that comb-over
by AsianDaddy69 March 21, 2018
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AFB stands for "Away From Brain".
A typically AFB person is a person who acts just plainly brainlessly..AFB at first derived from the expression "afk", but "afb" stood firstly for a person , who wasn't afk, but acted just as retardedly as if he/she would've been it.
The AFB expression is used by 1337 speakers, who applies their 1337 speaking abilities to their everyday 1337'ish lifes.
T4RZ4N - Huååmfg!1!1! That oldz0id womanl0id is totally AFB't0id!!
PH1R3 - Like yeah? TOTALLY!
by Vitkor Isaksson May 30, 2006
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Adult male who still thinks he’s big man on campus even though he’s pushing middle age and is old enough to be a father of college kids. Wears Vineyard Vines, belongs to a country club, golfs, drinks bourbon on the rocks, drives an expensive car, loves monograms, attends all alumni functions, lives in a McMansion, wears undergrad colors and gear, and generally can’t get over himself and his frat bros. Cares about appearances, pedigree and social status. Few female or minority friends. Republican.
See that guy in the Duke sweatshirt getting out of his Tesla in front of the Vineyard Vines store? Total AFB.
by AlpacaFarmer November 29, 2017
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Ass Face Boy. A person who is so ugly that their face looks like their ass.
Person: Hey, your ugly, what's your name?

Boy: AFB, Ass Face Boy.
by Unit420 February 4, 2010
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The most recent definition:

Acronym for A Fabulosexual Brother. A brotherhood consisted of members such as ksj and jyk.
Whassup, mah AFB?!?!
by KSJ himself September 16, 2004
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