1426 definition by Dave

An art; the art of using your mouth to give sexual satisfaction to a woman's vagina.
"I want to practice cunnilingus so bad...^.^ lol"
by Dave April 23, 2004

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*To go somewhere to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, particularly at a restaurant.

*To engage in oral sex with a woman's vagina (using your mouth and tongue).
"Wanna go eat out at Old Country Buffet?"

"God she is so hot, I wanna eat her out!!!"

"Whether you're a guy or girl, pussy'll always drive ya crazy!"
-advice from Chris Rock
by Dave April 16, 2004

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another word for "girl"
"orrrr did ya see the tits on that lass?"
by dave August 12, 2003

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Any bigoted black person, prejudiced against another race, purely on the basis of skin color

A black person who uses racial slurs against other races, particularly against white people
"Look at that cracker-ass honkey."
by Dave April 17, 2004

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A synonym for inserting the penis into the vagina.
"So've any you chicks ever been penetrated before?"
-Glen Quagmire, Family Guy
by Dave October 20, 2004

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When a girl takes on three guys at once, one in the ass, mouth and the pussy. All at the same time; hence see becomes, air tight.
Man we had a DP going and then she took another cock in the mouth, shit she was air tight.
by Dave May 14, 2004

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How sad, how unfortunate, poor you. Used in a mocking way
You: My cat cratched me,
Friend: Awww diddums.
by Dave March 28, 2003

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