An accent you can do to prevent yourself from getting mugged in a dark alley.
Muggers say "Do you know what neighborhood you're in buddy?!?"

Russian guy says with heavy accent "You tink dis bad neighburhood?"

*muggers back away*
by AlligatorIsHungry >".=.> July 28, 2010
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Jackson Curtis: That's a big plane.

Yuri Karprov: It's Russian.

FROM 2012
by Hi There :D July 19, 2010
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a person who is born anywere in the world, but has Russian blood. usually blue eyes, light brown hair...very strong, and very strong drinkers. good, loyal friends--but run fast if you piss them off. great scientists, chess players, and hockey players. Men are real fighters and will not give up at anything. Russian girls seem to be very desirable, check out Mel Gibson's new wife.
by ru!!!!! February 12, 2010
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Modifier added to a verb to explain the extreme level of insanity required to engage in the activity or the level of physical danger currently being ignored... Or both.
Russian Roulette, Russian space program, Russian prostitute, etc.
by shmuckatelli April 17, 2018
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People that are stereotyped way too much. Not all Russian people are drunk, or annoying. Only racists, or people who don't know any better care to go on urbandictionary and make mean definitions.
-I've lived in Russia all my life, and no, it's not a country full of drunks.
-Exactly, I know some very nice Russians.
by People Who Know Better April 23, 2011
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a hard ass language to learn that uses enchantment table type shit
“hey do you speak russian?”
nah i don’t play minecraft
by man idfk April 20, 2021
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A race of people whos country takes up 1/7 of the earths land and have vodka pouring from their household taps. If your drunk and think of something extremely stupid or ridiculous to be the first one to do - a russian has already done it.
"Watch out hes Russian!"
If you think that the joke "What do you call an attractive woman in Russia? a tourist." funny you are a sweaty potato and an anthony gillan and you can lick my sack because russian women are poon
by Sovereign November 16, 2004
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