The wrong spelling of "in case", because clearly, it's hard to look on dictionaries before typing.
Person1: "Can I look at your pokemon deck? Just incase."
Person2: "You mean in case..?"
Person1: "Whatever dude."
by verygenericsmartass December 8, 2017
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A scenario where the most feared situation occurs. Because whatever that has the tendency to go wrong will eventually go wrong. Used as emphasis in western Africa
Ex1. Let's reserve the funds for Incasity.
Ex2. Yea, incase HR arrives, just Sneak out
by Benoklie Suplux June 9, 2017
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this is more like insurance. some money paid for insurance
Daughter: Daddy you havent taken me shopping in a while.
Daddy: Well yea, it is because iam saving some incase shit money
by Mulele July 28, 2008
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The just incase-case is the case of beer you get before you hit up a bar or a club, so just in case you want to keep partying you've already got a case of beer awaiting you in the car.

Also prevents you from having to find a bootlegger and paying double after the stores have closed.
NEL: Dude after the bar lets hit up the strip club

REY: sounds like a plan,lets get a just incase-case so we'll have our byob taken care of and not have to hit up a bootlegger!
by imthedude April 4, 2011
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