A person who is creepy of nature and behavior.
Omg, they are so seedy!...
by SAVAGE7891 April 12, 2019
The old casino had ripped vinyl seats and only 3 slot machines. It was a really seedy place.
by belly dancer May 10, 2003
Dirty. Something filthy. Someone filthy.
That is one seedy hoe!
by Andy.K March 4, 2003
1. Anything that is disgusting or despicable.
2. When you feel like shit. Hungover from durgs, booze or lack of sleep.
1. Old mate is so fucking seedy! Alwayz pissing on the toilet seat and not cleaning it up.
2. I'm feeling so seedy after our crack binge.
I woke up feeling a bit seedy, can't come into work.
by Diego October 1, 2003
A term used to describe marijuana which contains either an unusually high count of seeds per bag, or a bag which contains an unacceptable amount of seeds.
I was told this was good stuff, but I don't know. It looks kind of seedy.
by eminentarson April 9, 2009
"I aint touching that it looks ssseeeeeeedy!"
by Dave May 9, 2003
Adj. Used to described a dirty, infectious place. From the term 'seed' used to describe semen.
Don't sit there; it looks seedy.
by NyQ February 14, 2005