One who insists on driving despite being too high to walk.
"Dominick says he can drive to McDonald's, but I just saw that astronaut motherfucka take a BIG-ASS bing hit!"
by Darryl X. July 8, 2003
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Someone who is amazing in bed (sex).
God, that man is an astronaut!
by Jaline January 28, 2005
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A sexual position where the girl is hanging upside with those space boots ,that the astronauts use to sleep and what not, while hanging upside down she is giving you head and you are wearing a space helm and right when you brick you scream at the top of your lungs "blast off!"
Me: Last night i astronaut ed my girlfriend
You: Oh? how was that?
Me: It was terrific, i was wearing a space helmet.
by Tune It October 10, 2007
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A word small children use in place of the word "ass"
God, he is such an jack astronaut sometimes.
by Gerbilweebies February 26, 2005
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a word used to describe a man's testicals
man those astronauts are outa this world!
by OXCorgiXO September 25, 2006
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Blowing a load that shoots straight up in resemblance to a rocket ship in result of a hefty tit fucking finish; hitting the girl in the chin, face or even entering the nasal cavity which is dependent upon the distance and velocity of the shot. Also known as the "Space Cadet"
"She asked me If I was almost done and right when she opened her mouth to speak she met the astronaut"
by JK-RWTD March 26, 2010
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