"We Americans have astronauts, and the Russians have cosmonauts. No real difference."
by Dave September 13, 2004
An astronaut of Russia(or the former Soviet Union) is called a "cosmonaut". The word was derived from "kosmos"(universe) and "nautes"(sailor/navigator).
American space travelers are astronauts; Russian space travelers are cosmonauts; Chinese space travelers are taikonauts.
by DQ October 23, 2003
An alcoholic beverage that mixes vodka and tang.

Tang = An astronaut's favorite.
Vodka = Russian alcohol
Cosmonaut = Russian astronaut.

Hence Tang + Vodka = Cosmonaut.
Man, Mike is so white trash. He was drinking cosmonauts in the middle of the afternoon yesterday.
by Amystopheles July 13, 2007
The premiere person of their chosen field of study.
"He's was like a cosmonaut of criminal masterminds."
by E. Badman October 24, 2005
1.The Simultaneous Space docking between two women. (See Space Dock)

2.When Two women do an inverted sitting position and shit in each others pussy.
Brenda: I Want to do something different.
Butch: Lets do a cosmonaut!
Brenda: I hope you ate your fiber.

Lets Do The Cosmonaut tonight!
by Senior Pants Party November 3, 2006
When two males spacedock with either a turdildo or fresh poop. The Cosmonauting occurs when the males insert the turdildo into each others anuses and have a sort of homosexual intercourse with it. Heterosexual cosmonauting is called Spacedocking.
Ryan and Steve were very excited to be Cosmonauting together, but their fun was ruined when Denise walked in and caught them with a turdildo up their asses.
by SampsonCatt December 13, 2007
Originating from a filthy astronaut, this move begins in the doggy style position. Just before "blast-off" tightly secure a plastic bag over your partner's head as you move to face to face with her. Next, strike her about the head hard enough that she begins to see stars--we call this move the "Hammer & Sickle." Then firmly pie-face her back onto the bed so she is lying on her back. Now release your Siberian Splooge across her eyes and she will see nothing but the Milky Way. Then immediately take a celebratory shot of chilled Stoli Vodka, and without swallowing, spit it in your partners face for a Cold War ending.
Lisa: That new Russian exchange student, Svetlana is walking funny today.

Steve: Yeah I know. I gave her a sick-ass Filthy Cosmonaut last night.

Lisa: USA! USA!
by $ad-Lo March 30, 2011