What you say when you bring in an argument so powerful that your debate opponent is unable to respond to it.
Bananas prove god exists. CHECKMATE atheists.
by Friendless Fellow August 3, 2019
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Checkmate is a chess term used when the opponent cannot move their king out of check. Checkmate doesnt just mean that you've simply cornered the enemy king its a declaration that the enemy king is yours.
Checkmate, I win.
by User.exe June 23, 2019
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What you say when someone has been burnt/roasted. When there's just no coming back, and they have nothing to say in reply. There are no moves remaining.
Sid: Chris, would you mind using at least one of your two brains cells to help me out here?
Chris: aTleAsT I hAvE a BrAiN.
Rithana: Ooof, checkmate.
by SiddyBoo May 31, 2020
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To turn up to a friend's house uninvited. Since you have travelled all the way there, they feel obliged to invite you in.
Tom: Dick is being boring, I don't think he'll want us to come round.
Harry: Let's just turn up, then he'll be in checkmate.
by mpithytmc January 19, 2019
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Checkmate is use to solidify your opinion and/or argument.
Mom: Why can’t you just do your chores!? It’s not that hard, and you’d have less to do if you just started!

Me: WELL! It’s not that easy! I’m retarded. So, CHECKMATE!

Cred: Drew and Her Mom.
by Jmart.z November 25, 2019
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Checkmate is a position in Chess, in which a player's king is in a line of attack by an opponent's piece and cannot escape check. Thus, the attacking player wins the game.

Did you know that the quickest possible checkmate in Chess requires four moves only?
"Queen moving from e3 to h6. Checkmate!"
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To sit next to someone in a bathroom stall and then have a really stinky crap. As with chess, this puts them in a position where they are under direct attack, that cannot be avoided.
“I sat in the stall next to Bob and had a big smelly crap. “Checkmate Bob, checkmate.”
by fiveitguys July 19, 2010
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