The biggest number there is. Scientists are trying to prove 2 thousand may exist.
My answer is 9854.145 so its gotta be wrong since 1000 is the biggest number.
by Franco December 13, 2004
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Ten times ten times ten, or one million divided by ten to the third.
Whuffo you say hundred. I wants a thousand.
by rpfeff October 4, 2003
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just kiss me
and we'll know what to do
like thousands of generations before us
by Krkič June 10, 2019
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A real clean up job of your butthole after a shit. You're burning through toilet paper wiping your ass forever.
Dude, that shit came out sideways. It was a real thousand wiper.
by RickO March 26, 2003
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the limit to the acceptability of an unreasonably high number. if you see something surpass 9000, take off your scouter and crush it in your hand while screaming "its over nine THOUSAAAAANDDDD!!"
Nappa: "Vegeta! What does the scouter say about his power level!??!?"

Vegeta: "Its over nine thousand!!!!" *crushes scouter*
by touch mah monkayy June 17, 2010
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