A Leela is a wonderful, amazing friend who is always there for you. She is kind, funny and caring. If you have a Leela for a friend you should consider yourself one of the most fortunate people in the world. Her face is gorgeous with her big, fascinating eyes and warm, sweet smile. She is also an excellent cook. She is everything everyone wants to be. But be careful as she can hold quite a grudge.
If only I could be like Leela, she is everything I want to be
by Clare1168 September 16, 2015
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Hot leading female character on Futurama (a show which ties with The Simpsons for funniest ever). Stands out with her one eye and cute ponytail.
Let's see. Amy... or Leela?

*thinks about it for .000001 seconds*

by Leelaholic April 24, 2004
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She is tall, skinny, and athletic. She is really funny and a great artist. Watch out though, she can be a real badass.
Wow look at her, she must be a Leela.
by Iris Stone December 10, 2016
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Leela is a girl who is very passionate about the things she likes. She can also fall in love way to quickly and ends up getting hurt. She also is very insecure but doesn't like to show it. She can be very weird but people can find her funny in her own way. She can be one of the most weirdest crackheads you would ever meet. She can be very kind but if you piss her off or cross the line in anyway you should consider yourself dead or if she is still wants to be generous she would just hurt you very badly and send you to the hospital. She is a genuinely a sweet caring person. She will make you feel like if you are one of the most important people in the world and she will always put your happiness in front of hers. She is also very good at faking her happiness when she doesn't want people to worry about her. Some people may think of her as a very easy target but she really isn't. She really doesn't like talking about herself and would change somethings about herself just to fit in. Some people may fear her and others may not but only her closest friends know the real her and she is one of the best people you can talk to.
Person 1: Is that Leela cause she is annoying
Person 2: Shut up she finna beat your ass
Person 1: What ever
by Jazzzie October 4, 2020
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Leela is the name of a British girl, or boy... it’s 2020 at this point idk, she is a feminist and fights for everyone’s rights. she is confident and may or may not have a boyfriend who she has an on and off relationship with. Léela is strong, very strong, and since she is a supporter of equal rights then she will punch you if you make a joke about the coronavirus. She is beautiful and popular and most people wish to be her Overall she will be an amazing friend and she is not only kind but trusting and also most likely a crackhead by blood.
Daniel:“Look at that girl she so smart and funny”
Sofia:“Yes, she must be a Leela”
by Boopbeepbaap___ March 7, 2020
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Leela is a girls name. It rhymes with duh. Leelas typically play hard and rough and can have a black eye from time to time. Leela is Sanskrit and means play or amusement. Therefore, Leelas typically love sports and activities, they are extremely athletic and competitive. Don’t make a Leela mad because they are very skilled at donkey kicks to the throat and have been know to break a finger or two. When they’re babies and swim be prepared to hear the words Code Brown more than once.
Leela broke her grandmas finger in three places.
by TurkBerserk May 16, 2019
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The best person in the world. She has a lively personality and is super chaotic but in a good way. She is funny, caring, and smart. She is always there whenever you need her. She has the best sense of style, and virtually anything looks good on her. She's also insanely talented. Kinda short though if you ask me
Wow is that Leela? I def wanna be her friend
by PinkFluffyUnicorns_ April 18, 2022
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