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A Leela is a wonderful, amazing friend who is always there for you. She is kind, funny and caring. If you have a Leela for a friend you should consider yourself one of the most fortunate people in the world. Her face is gorgeous with her big, fascinating eyes and warm, sweet smile. She is also an excellent cook. She is everything everyone wants to be. But be careful as she can hold quite a grudge.
If only I could be like Leela, she is everything I want to be
by Clare1168 October 29, 2015
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Hot leading female character on Futurama (a show which ties with The Simpsons for funniest ever). Stands out with her one eye and cute ponytail.
Let's see. Amy... or Leela?

*thinks about it for .000001 seconds*

by Leelaholic April 23, 2004
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She is tall, skinny, and athletic. She is really funny and a great artist. Watch out though, she can be a real badass.
Wow look at her, she must be a Leela.
by Iris Stone December 10, 2016
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Leela is a girls name. It rhymes with duh. Leelas typically play hard and rough and can have a black eye from time to time. Leela is Sanskrit and means play or amusement. Therefore, Leelas typically love sports and activities, they are extremely athletic and competitive. Don’t make a Leela mad because they are very skilled at donkey kicks to the throat and have been know to break a finger or two. When they’re babies and swim be prepared to hear the words Code Brown more than once.
Leela broke her grandmas finger in three places.
by TurkBerserk May 15, 2019
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leela is is the best person you will ever meet. she is so amazing. she is the prettiest person you will ever meet. if you are friends with a leela you can consider yourself the luckiest person on the planet. she is the best in every way and if you know one make sure you give her money when she asks or needs it.
person: hey look it’s a leela

by poopiewoops August 27, 2019
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Man: Hey baby why don't you turn around and show me that pretty face.

Leela: Sure.

by Minh February 05, 2005
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a very random and amazing short asian minion who doesn't like to make people brownies even though she makes them all the time. she also likes gingerbread men (;
me - will you make me brownies?
leela - makes your own
by ilikedonutsxx14 September 03, 2011
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