Very big guns that shoot very big exploding bullets at very unfortunate targets. Similar to canons but better.
Charlie ambushed us in a rice patty, so we called in artillery until the sky rained fried rice.
by MuzlFlash August 10, 2003
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*A term referring to a lot of weapons of all kinds.

*Technical name for cannons that lob shells at great distances and cause much damage.
"Bring on the heavy artillery!"

"The Chinese excel in using artillery."
by Dave September 10, 2004
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When a girl is laying on a bed and you are standing on the foot of the bed wanking ur dankin and before the big kahunna you jump over her and yell "bombs away"
-The other night i was about to ______everywhere so i pulled an artillery on my girl.

-_soldier: We artilleried our enimies today
_guy: what a coincidence i pulled an artillery on my girl last night. You dig?
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1. a handgun or any other weapon, especially one carried by a criminal

2. a drug users hypodermic syringe
That artillery is not a good sign.
by The Return of Light Joker August 8, 2009
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"What kind of artillery you using there?"
by Nathan Heller February 28, 2006
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Some guy made a video and now his fans strive for maximizing soft attack at the cost of organization and the person's IQ.
James: hay, hows it going?
James: wtf is wrong with you
Steven: Breast fill a man's hands, but ARTILLERY fills a man's heart.
by someaccount August 24, 2018
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a group dedicated to the feat of completing an hoi4 campaign using only artillery, and spreading the word of artillarus, their god. Most mature members don't really spam, instead going for a more peaceful protest, with non-toxic/inflammatory remarks and opinions.
Person 1: Hey man, how's it goin'?
Person 2: Not bad, but have you heard of the artillery only challenge?
Person 1: What's that?
Person 2: It's where you only use artillery to win in the game Hearts of Iron 4.
Person 1: Neat, is there anything else to go with it?
Person 2:Sure, we have a community of 400 strong members, and a Discord server at
by Disciple_of_artillarus August 29, 2018
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