A form of sarcastic agreement with someone where you contradict them using the following format: "If by {something} you mean {something opposite} then yes." (Named after the character Professor Farnsworth on Futurama.)
Bob: That is awesome!
Jim: If by "awesome" you mean "it sucks" then yes.
by C Pritzel March 2, 2007
farns-worthed FARNZ-wurtht


To be victimized by one who unintentionally destroys the otherwise positive outcome of your immediate future.
I got Farnsworthed last night when Rich started talking to the girl that I was going to bang...
by Enamudega April 8, 2009
generally useless. not good for much. mediocre.
That used car is farnsworth compared to my new supra turbo.
by PiMpJloPez July 28, 2005
Auditory phenomenon wherein reading a line of text commonly attributed to a person or persons with a particularly unique voice or accent causes the mind to hear that person's voice. This is not unique to famous individuals, as works clearly written with various accents (Irish, French, Pirate) yield similar results.

So named after the character Professor Farnsworth in Futurama.
So my buddy texted me, 'What's the Farnsworth Phenomenon?', so I texted him back, 'What do you think of when I type 'Good News Everyone?', a minute later he sends me back a '=O'
by GodOfAtheism November 5, 2010
Auditory phenomenon wherein reading the work of a person with a particularly unique voice or accent causes the mind to hear that person's voice. Happens a lot of with Professor Farnsworth's catch phrase.
Good News, Everyone!

You just said that like Professor Farnsworth, hence the Farnsworth Phenomenon
by bobbyddog November 6, 2010
Dumping bich that ditches there frends.
Erin Farnsworth left jack and his friends for Ruby
by Emelemie Fartmourthworth October 12, 2020
The coolest thing since cool things. P Diddy should be his backup, instead of the other way around.
Girl: Oh my gosh it's FARNSWORTH BENTLEY!
Group of random people who pop out of the air: AAAAAAAAA!!!! YOU ROCK FARNSWORTH!!!! WE LOVE YOUR PINK SOCKS!!!
by S.M. December 8, 2004