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when ever a girl "farts". because girls dont pass gas, so there must be a tornado in there ass when it sounds like they do.
WEATHER ALERT:hurricane taquito is heading towards shore, so run for cover. were in for an anal tornado
by Charlie December 25, 2004
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A AMAZING ACTOR!! super hot especially in the movie moulin rouge..
omg i fell in love with ewan mcgregor! he has an amazing voice
by Charlie March 21, 2005
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It’s a silly misspelled/mispronounced word slow people use when they mean accentuation.
He used excentuation of the words to help the person understand.
by Charlie November 23, 2004
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A person or persons that generally, SUCK, idiots that think they're gonna make it in life by walking round threatening to stab people and 'beat people up', and they're generally as weak as shit!!
"hey look, some townie shit eating scum"
"townie shit eating scum tried to beat me up yesterday, but failed miserably as usual"
by Charlie February 20, 2004
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The art of shitting into a condom, freezing it then using it as a dildo later on.
he just used his space stocking on me!
by Charlie March 18, 2005
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Suck Penis and Die Retard
SPDR you worthless homo!
by Charlie September 5, 2003
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