1. Another name for Grey Goose, which is a quite tasty, albeit expensive, Vodka. Especially good when mixed with or chased by Hawaiian Punch.
Eric: Yo Dawg you wanna slizz on the goose before we go to the club?
Ryan: Hellzz yes, and let me get that 2 liter of Hawaiian Punch so I can mix that shit up.
by yomomma8889 August 7, 2006
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a goose is the pinnacle form of the shocker. it involves the man touching the tips of the fingers of one hand together into a point. he then inserts this into the female's vagina or anus. it culminates in a high degree of female satisfaction, often resulting in orgasm.
He says to friends, "im going to use the goose on her tonight"

later, in bed, she exclaims after climax, "you goosed me didn't you? that was the best!"
by the_legendy_gaggle November 18, 2010
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The act of rubbing a goose feather on someone's taint.
Guy 1: Yo I gave your mom a Goose Goose Goose last night.

Guy 2: Good she could use the attention.
by UnerringBiscuit November 3, 2009
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A humiliating act, usually done by your closest friend; when one is "given the goose" so to speak, one never truly recovers.

The act itself is simple: Sneak up behind an unsuspecting victim (preferably a friend, as being knocked unconscious is likely to occur otherwise), and as quickly as you can, with all of your fingers on your hand extended out together, poke them into your friend's buttcrack and run away.

A proper "Goose Goose!" is always followed by you vociferating "Goose Goose!" a split second prior to you fleeing the scene.
Luke gave Adam a Goose Goose! Luke will be severely missed.
by adamryan March 19, 2009
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A 9 milimeter handgun used for blastin yo enemeez.
I blasted that nigga wit my spankin goose goose.

Shea's got a goose goose!!!!
by SHEA-UNIT June 8, 2006
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Ha, lookit that Goose Goose with the nasty-ass Punky Brewster haircut!
by Mrs. Handsome September 22, 2010
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