Making or fabricating stuff. (See also, paraphernalia.
We're manufacturing stuff because we didn't have any.
by Downstrike May 26, 2004
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Coming from the word(s) Manufacture and or Manufacturable.
The extent to which a new product can be easily and effectively manufactured at minimum cost and with maximum reliability.
Let's verify the manufacturability to be sure it can be done.

Let's verify that we can manufacture the part in a cost effective reproducible way.
by Mr. Phil August 25, 2005
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"Manufactured pop" is a pejorative for a type of music created by cynical and greedy music labels for no other reason than to keep 150% of all profits made from legions of young (sometimes older) impressionable and gullible LCD-type fans who have no taste (the extra 50% is debt owed by the stars that can never realistically be paid back and is a constantly moving goal line). The pop stars are often no more than paid actors who can moderately dance and sing a few notes with the help of Auto-Tune in the studio and a recording of someone who can sing ok on live tours. They essentially sell their lives/souls to these corporations for the desperate chance that they'll "make it big" one day (see: "It's a trap!"). Which of course they never can do on their own, not without the money of Big Music behind them. Every aspect of their lives is decided by a board of directors or a soulless cutthroat marketing team. They decide, from a formula decided early on, who the star(s) can marry, when they get the bitter divorce, if and when they can get preggers, when to have the break down, when to enter rehab and when to write their "tell-all" novel or star in their bio-pic that subliminally hawks other corporate properties. The Walt Disney Corporation is known for doing this and many of their manufactured pop stars are alumni of the Mickey Mouse Club. Other record companies are known to do this as well.
God! Why is the CD section filled with nothing but manufactured pop? It's ruining music!
by thePenciler August 10, 2010
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When people, particularly those in media organizations, take minor concerns held by small amounts of people, and not too strongly even by them, and present them as though they are causing hordes of people to go into chaos. Manufactured outrage usually draws on legitimate things that are being said, but blows them way out of proportion to the point of painting a highly misleading picture. Mostly a means of getting attention and selling media.
An example of manufactured outrage happened in 2016. A fair amount of people were moderately (and for the most part reasonably) critical of the new Ghostbusters trailer, but a handful of obnoxious trolls made low-effort negative comments about the stars' gender. Many media publications treated it as though hundreds of angry middle-aged men were deeply furious about the movie, despite this being a clear exaggeration of reality.
by RandomAnonymouseUD November 12, 2021
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A person that stole the multi million dollar business and ate the money and is a liar thief person.
Al stop acting like an ugly asss stick manufacturer
by Sh111 May 2, 2021
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When someone or some people creates a problem that he/they can solve to get praised by people who know not the plan from the onset.
The government banned motorcycle ride sharing so thousands of people are inconvenienced. A politician then cancels the ban under "his" efforts and get praised. He is said to have manufactured heroism.
by January 24, 2020
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