124 definitions by charlie

well muscled; powerfully built.
Gosh, that Shaq is yoked!
by charlie January 25, 2003
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A hot strip club were Vanilla x work in NY.
Omg! those VX girls are hot!
by charlie March 9, 2005
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An extreemly amusing game to play, where one person starts with a word and another replies to the word with another word that is related to it, either by sound or literal terms.

Great fun when stoned or drunk
oh my god... now is the time to play word association!
by charlie May 17, 2006
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a jock who says he get action but gets nuthing
Your acting like a Chet
by charlie December 1, 2003
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unreally cool guy, sex appeal, after sir motsalot
by charlie January 20, 2005
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past tense for rape (i.e. raped)
who that NBA player kobe's that white girl....looks like another hate crime
by charlie December 6, 2003
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When someone does something that completely shuts down another
Man, that guy said NoDeal when he hit him in the face
by charlie December 2, 2003
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