an invitation for sex
in 'polite' grammatical form "lets fuck" would be
"say,we should have sexual intercourse"
man: heres the pizza you ordered
woman: i didnt order a pizza
man: lets fuck!
by Haberdasher December 11, 2005
when you get with someone of the opposite sex and the guys penis goes into the womans vagina
Hey sexy, lets get together at my house tonight and lets fuck
by bob March 9, 2005
An exclamation pertaining to the meaning "let's go" or "let's do it" or a celebratory "yes!"
Chad: Our flights are booked for Thailand this summer!
Thonner: Let's fuck!
by Thonner Denny November 14, 2018
'It's the weekend!' Jean exclaimed, 'Let's Fucking Go!" he howled before engaging in prolonged, egregious substance abuse.
by lyricalenthusiast June 11, 2014
It first came to rise In the Walking dead comics as something the Character Abraham said. It means let's do this, or let's get this done.
Alright guys we gotta put up some drywall, let's fuck this dog.
by Phil Smooth February 27, 2016
When instead of talking, u decide to fuck about the issue ur having with the other(s) person(people)
"I don't understand your point of view, so maybe let's fuck about it instead"
by cAPTAINkEYBOARD May 24, 2019