term used to describe someone meaningless to you, as if he is "no big deal"
BF: why did you make out with him? i thought we were an item
GF: i know i'm sorry but i was drunk; besides it was just some random guy

male friend: i was going to give you shit last week but i didn't want to embarrass you
female friend: why? what do you mean?
male friend: for the hickey you had on your neck
female friend: oh yeah that lol it was just some random guy
by quipboy April 26, 2010
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A name for a person you talk to without having a clue about who they are. This can be someone you use frequently in conversations without their knowledge, and/or stalk.
Hey, random guy, how's it going?

I just told a random guy that I love him.
by somebuggy May 18, 2006
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1. Any individual in a group selected with as equal a chance as everyone else

2. A certain individual who perceives themselves as being random, whether it be about their thoughts, their personality, their actions, or just everything about them. They decide what to do based on what they know and want, but not what must be done. This could range to anything from collecting magnesium rocks for powering their secret underground robot servant facility, to eating a Cheeto off another man's shoulder.
"Help! I'm being murdered by some Random Guy!"
by RandomGuy2011 March 5, 2015
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Some Random Guy has currently got the second highest level on the Better Vanilla Building discord server.
by Some Random Guy 455 April 20, 2022
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Random Souths Guy is a spectator who turns up to any sporting event (other than a Rabbitohs game) or other significant event wearing a South Sydney Rabbitohs football jersey.
I just saw a Random Souths Guy sitting in the crowd at the Superbowl.
by Big Kev Toohey April 25, 2019
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A random guy who follows you around and every time you do something worth getting paid for but no one else will pay you, he will. Originated in GTA: San Andreas under the pseudonym "insane stunt bonus," but has since been seen in Israeli airports and other unexpected locales.
I just drove my car off a cliff, did a double flip, and landed right side up, so Random Money Guy gave me $22!

I just drove my motorcycle off a building, flipped 3 times, did a quadruple corkscrew, and landed on the roof of a truck on my feet, so Random Money Guy gave me $136!

I just lost all my luggage on the flight, so Random Money Guy gave me $75!
by C J October 25, 2006
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