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destroyed or hurt really badly, usually used to refer to someone after they have tried a huge gap and died.
Man you got thrashed on that ledge over there... do you have any skin left on your hip?
by Anonymous May 08, 2003
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a word used to refer to a female getting fucked hard by a male.

synonyms are to "bang/bone/fuck her brains out" , or

"to have ravaged her" or to have "drilled" her.
Example 1:
Bill:"Did you do anything with Jamie last night?"
Bill:"So how was she?"
Ted:" She got fucking thrashed!"
Bill:"That's what I'm talking 'bout!"

Example 2:
Jose:"Lisa's cat has been lost for two weeks now"
Ruben:"I bet that stupid bitch cat has already been thrashed"
Jose lolz
by S1988 November 19, 2009
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To be violently ill after drinking, and/or still drunk. Also, after engaging in sexual intercourse with many people.
Example 1: "Kirby got so thrashed last night bruz, she humped everyone"

Example 2: "We got so thrashed off flagon last night"

Example 3: "I'm still thrashed after last night, it was off tap. I went woodies bruz"
by Travis Dere March 04, 2008
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(verb). A car that has been thrashed is one which has been raced by a boy racer. Such cars may look nice, but are fucked enginewise.
That car's nice but it's probably been thrashed.
by Garth August 04, 2004
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