I swear . like you would say on ur mama or on god..
Carl: bruh look at that girl right there bruh she bad asf
Charles: On me bruh
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by Bldrr June 07, 2018
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The understanding within a person or persons about any particular subject regarding everyday life.
I told my homie I needed to make a run to the store, he replied โ€œ OnMe I need to get something tooโ€.
by Devaluation August 29, 2018
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irish slang for having something with you at the present time

the term is adapted from the literal translation of "i have" in irish
for Example I have a cat in irish (Ta Cat Agam)would literal translate as I have a cat at me. although to say Im Happy (or any other emotion) translates as I have happy on me
Sorry Mate, I dont have a spare fiver on me
by Electric Superman January 18, 2009
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