A phrase used when you don't know what to say because of a bad/melancholy mood.

Can be substituted for "alrighty then.."
Person 1: I don't like your personality.
Person 2: Well then...
by DaisyFromCaliforniaa April 04, 2010
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".. well then.."

A phrase used to change topics suddenly from a strange, weird, "interesting" or un-interesting topic, not necessarily to bring a new topic, but just to change the old one.

Similar to "interesting.. "
Mike: "who died?"

Jim: "My dog, man! My dog died last night.. and as I went to bury him, I saw Dave sleeping in the backyard!"

~car explodes~

Mike: "..well then.."
by Anonymous September 27, 2003
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well then, some thing you say when you can't think of an answer or/and a quick change of subject or to break a a silence...
q. "what are you doing here?"
a. "well then"
. "dave i think i might be gay"
*long pause*
. "well then!"
"my dad just died"
"...well then."
by jackyboybaby November 18, 2006
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