To emphasize a point to be made
{question} Should you be doing that?
{answer} No
{response} WELL THEN!!
by EDITION August 28, 2006
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".. well then.."

A phrase used to change topics suddenly from a strange, weird, "interesting" or un-interesting topic, not necessarily to bring a new topic, but just to change the old one.

Similar to "interesting.. "
Mike: "who died?"

Jim: "My dog, man! My dog died last night.. and as I went to bury him, I saw Dave sleeping in the backyard!"

~car explodes~

Mike: "..well then.."
by Anonymous September 27, 2003
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well then, some thing you say when you can't think of an answer or/and a quick change of subject or to break a a silence...
q. "what are you doing here?"
a. "well then"
. "dave i think i might be gay"
*long pause*
. "well then!"
"my dad just died"
"...well then."
by jackyboybaby November 18, 2006
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1. Term used in situations of disbelief.

2. Said to someone or people you didn't expect to see.

3. Used when speaking to a specific group or person when questioning their motives.
1. Well well well, I can't believe that happened.

2. Well well well, look who it is.

3. Well well well, what are you doing here?
by PineappleJuice March 8, 2015
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A racist dog whistle used to signify when a (often negative) racial stereotype is being perpetuated. This is often used with the phrase, “Like a Moth to a Flame”.
Gained popularity after August 3rd, 2023 through the social media app ‘Tiktok’.
Well well well” is also associated with the theme song from an animated television show “The Boondocks,” this theme song being attached to the character Uncle Ruckus- a black character known to hate his own race.
This dog whistle is often used in reference to Black and Jewish people, but does extend to all races.
Did you see that tiktok I sent you? All the comments were saying “well well well.”
by KoriBlonde_1603 August 22, 2023
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A Fake Racist Dog Whistle that some loser with a victim mentality created for likes on TikTok.
Did you see that TikTok I sent you, I claimed it had Well Well Well in the comments but i was lying for clout.
by Nepharius September 18, 2023
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The one thing that gives me brain cancer each time I hear it

(Also used for an evil introductions)
Eduardo: Well well well
by Wreck March 10, 2022
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