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One of the two main political parties of the United States, or the members or supporters of that party.

In general, the democrats are considered more liberal/left wing and the republicans more conservative/right wing. Although this is correct on average, individual differences in general are larger than party differences and thus individual democrats can easily end up on the right of individual republicans.
Most senators voted in favour of the proposal, with 15 Republicans and 5 Democrats voting against or abstaining.
by Andre December 9, 2004
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the flich that women make when cum actually hits there face,when cumming on them usually followed by the fluttering of the eyes

the surprise when sperm lands on the face.
hey man I came so much on her she started making the funniest sperm squirm
by Andre April 24, 2005
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Male anatomy commonly referred to as "Penis"
She reached down into my pants and furiously grasped my bloodhorn.
by Andre January 14, 2004
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the definition of loser
sucks at life
sucks at sucking
just an all around loser thats not good for anything
Shower and jeraeia= dry
by Andre January 28, 2009
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Four or more males having anal intercourse at the same time. Middle participants penetrate and get penetrated simultaneously.
1. After the party, some of the guys came back to mine and we stacked.

2. Let's make a stack.
by Andre March 17, 2005
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an emoticon for a really gay heart
I <3 BOB or any other love emotion
by Andre February 20, 2005
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