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swimming nude
"I forgot my swimming suit"
"No problem, we can go skinny dipping"
by Andre December 17, 2003

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This term implies that a man has the endowment alike to that of a horse.Beyond 9". Seen as inhuman.
Stephen was hung 14 inches when erect and called himself the stallion king, he was therefore hung like a horse.
by Andre June 15, 2006

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One of the two main political parties of the United States, or the members or supporters of that party.

In general, the democrats are considered more liberal/left wing and the republicans more conservative/right wing. Although this is correct on average, individual differences in general are larger than party differences and thus individual democrats can easily end up on the right of individual republicans.
Most senators voted in favour of the proposal, with 15 Republicans and 5 Democrats voting against or abstaining.
by Andre December 09, 2004

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The state of a male having a well-endowed penis, above the majority of men. Hung implies that a guy is at least 7.5" in lenght when erect, at least 2" in width and 5.5" in girth.
Andre is hung.

Hung men feature in porn videos.

A guy can haved a toned, slim body and be hung.
by Andre June 14, 2006

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hot, in style, popular
"damn, that song was poppin' back in the day"
by andre May 28, 2003

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It's a slang word in russian for bitch.
"Yesterday Yana was acting like a suchka."
by Andre January 10, 2005

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In russian meaning "shit".
ah suka, ya nastopeel v gavno!
by Andre April 25, 2005

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