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Male anatomy commonly referred to as "Penis"
She reached down into my pants and furiously grasped my bloodhorn.
by Andre January 14, 2004
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Home made Kotex, using toilet paper approx 6" - 8" long 4" at the top. Then forms into a curved cone. After being worn it has fused & resembles a horn from a Rhinoceros that has lost a bloody fight.
Me- Hey Danny, ever seen a pig loren dropping?... Check out the bathroom....

Danny- "DUDE !!!", What the FUCK is it?"

Me- maybe you should sign a release form.

Danny- Come dude I shit outside, what the hell?

Me- a blood horn. 'Sasquatch' just left it when stepping into the tub

Danny- "No WAY!!"

Me- Its a cheap camera but I have Pics, proof that she is Royalty, pig loren Royalty!
by Ziggy77 October 03, 2006
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