Code for Jerking off, jacking off,

or, non gender specifically, masterbating.
"Today my boyfriend called me wanting me to talk dirty to him since he was watching tv"

" Once I walked in on my roommate watching tv, not a pleasant experience."
by TheSillyOne July 24, 2009
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The feeling of wanting to watch tv so you can find out what is on the local programming.
Person A: I wanna watch tv
Person B: Why?
Person A: Because I wanna see what's on that I can watch, such as the new episode of Sam & Cat on Nickelodeon.
by Graeme Gigante October 2, 2013
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A phrase often used to engage a female in doggy style intercourse, so both parties can enjoy the film at hand, or just for the shit of it.

Often followed by a negitive reponse.
male: Babe, do you want to do it doggy style?
female: why would I want to do that?
male: So we can both watch tv?
by drummer120uck October 3, 2009
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A response one uses when they do not understand what someone is trying to tell them, or when they plainly do not give a fuck.
Hey! I just did like a bazillion second keg stand and ... *drunken mumbling*. It was awesome!
Huh, you like watching your neighbors watch TV?
by AMPflu March 24, 2011
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