Andrey is a very fun and a very handsome guy. He likes to joke around but sometimes goes far with his jokes but he is still a great person. He has a very good style and looks good in general and he knows it. He likes to flex a lot as well. Sometimes his ego is just too high but he can still be a very sweet and kind if he wants to. He can easily steal a girl’s heart but doesn’t always know how to keep it, but hey his girl is always happy with him no matter what he does because he is just such a great guy. If you don’t get to know him personally, you’ll never get to know how amazing he really is. He also has amazing talents he doesn’t always see and especially likes and plays guitar.
Hey, you see that handsome guy? That must be Andrey!
by Thinkingdreams May 15, 2019
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Andrey is usually a very good looking guy very sweet , and humble towards everybody , unless you did something to them, then their bad side comes out. They’re almost entirely different than most of these other guys , they are very loyal and respect women , andreys are also very good athletes and their circle is usually small because they have trust issues but none the less , if you ever meet an andrey get close to him , he should be a very good guy (most of the time :)
Awww he’s is so sweet his name must be Andrey.
Wow he’s cute his name must be Andrey!
by lance pope December 08, 2019
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Andrey is the guy you can trust. Someone that you can spill everything to and be sure that it won't be spilled or told anyone. He is a handsome guy but he denies it. He doesn't how handsome and good looking he is. He has been through heart break but shows a strong face. He is a true honest man, just found people that broke him. He has a bit of a big ego but that is when it comes to other things. He can be one petty man when it comes to certain people. He also likes to do things himself, meaning he refuses to ask for help. He likes his women like he likes his coffee, without other people's dick in them. That means he doesn't like cheaters. He hates cheaters. He is amazing in bed and knows how to treat a woman right. His kinks involve pleasuring his partner before himself, being dominant in bed. When Andrey has a goal, he does anything to strive for it. The path is subject to change, but the goal is always the same in the end. Puts others before himself even if it means hurting himself emotionally. He is strong and every girl deserves an Andrey in her life. And the lucky girl that marries him, treasure him with love because he deserves it.
" Dude how was the guy from last night?"
" Oh Andrey? He was perfect. Knew how to treat me right"
by kardmimor69 January 26, 2021
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Andrey is an amazing person who's heart is bigger than New York. Andrey is attractive, yet sweet man. Andrey is NOT a FUCKBOY!!
God i love that Andrey, he is so sweet.
by asdfhgjk March 18, 2018
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Andrey is a name of European background. All Andrey's share one thing in common, they are mesmerizing in a way that puts attention on them at all times. All Andreys have a amazing taste in fashion, and they are trend-setters, not trend-followers. Andreys are handsome and charming, they can be very romantic with the right person and are amazing freinds. The people who dont like Andrey's are secretly jealous and envy Andrey's charisma. Andrey's are known to put people in their place and tend to scare off the biggest, toughest people, no matter the size. Andrey's are not to be tested or messed with, they can and will destroy people with their accurate calculations, and deadly percision. Andrey's are honest and genuine, holding nothing back. Andrey's are very smart critcal thinkers and are always thinking two steps ahead of everyone else. Andrey's tend to get put down, but even they know their true power. If you find an Andrey, keep them close. You will be surpised to see how useful they can be in tight situations.
Boy: 'Hey who is that?'
Girl: 'Thats Andrey! Hes new here!'
Boy: 'I dont like him'
Girl: 'Are you jealous of his charisma?'
Boy: 'No he just thinks hes tough'
Boy: *challeneges Andrey to a fight*
Girl: 'omg what happened?!'
Boy: *massive gashes and bruises* 'dang i guess i underestimated Andrey'
by theloststylebender May 16, 2019
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Is a nice, kind, sexy girl who anyone would be lucky to have. And can be a little crazy, but never sad. Andrey has so many friends that will fuck you if you mess with her.
Omg, that Andrey girl is so nice!!
by Gurrrrlll March 01, 2018
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A girl with a lot of sprit and passion in the things she loves. Usually a good singer. Pretty sometimes it depends. Carefree and loves her friends and family
Stop being so uptight and be an Andrey for once
by Midnight munchies January 06, 2018
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