The science of the examination and analysis of the human body, especially hot chicks.
Guy: Damn, check out the anatomy of that fine lady!
by BBoy Preacher November 30, 2008
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The big blue folder of doom.

Origins Birmingham University Biomedical Sciences Dept (Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences). Anatomy involves filling in a large (and unnecessary blue folder of questions).
Oh My God 4 hours of anatomy on a Monday morning, thats just SHIT!
by David the Dentistry Wolf February 21, 2009
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1) A popular medical drama wherein all major characters either

a- die

b- are critically injured

c- make abrupt and nonsensical decisions about their love lives and careers

2) Something you hate to love
"So what happened on the last episode of grey's anatomy?"

"The usual. Patients survived and doctors died."
by yoyo honey singh November 4, 2012
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"hey, did you watch grey's anatomy last night?"
"yea, shonda killed off everyone."
by greysanatomy24 February 3, 2019
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A rite of passage those seeking a doctoral degree in a health profession (Physician, Physical therapist, Dentist, etc...) must go through.

Involves tedious, lengthy, lab sessions often pushing 5 hours in which one dissects a human cadaver several times a week in a room with no sunlight.

Imagine looking at a bowl of spaghetti and having to name not only each noodle, but also every space in-between them. Imagine having to know where each noodle is going, where it came from, what its embryological origin was, and what nerve innervates it.

Side effects include, but are not limited to: smelling like formaldehyde after your 3rd shower, wishing you could forget the things you've done in lab- like cutting open a dead man's testicle or skinning a human face- except for that you'll be tested on it next week, a marked aversion to chicken, brisket and fat of any kind, and extreme sleep deprivation.
"I used to enjoy life. Now I'm taking Gross anatomy"

"Hey, did you hear about that guy who got dragged by a car for a mile and had to be hospitalized for a month?

"Yeah, I heard while he was getting dragged, he would cry out "at least I'm not in Gross Anatomy".

I'd go and grab a bite to eat with you, but I just walked out of Gross Anatomy lab and it's going to take at least a few hours to wash the stink off.
by A 1-Lung October 18, 2010
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Medical TV show that is really just a show about coworkers sleeping togethers and tragedies happening to their families. A main character has died every season since season 8 so... it's completely worth it considering how hot all the doctors are
Grey's Anatomy

is still one of the greats so please watch it
by allys421 July 18, 2016
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