An underdeveloped third leg between your two fully developed legs that only males have
Kenneth: hey, Chris... what’s a penis?
chris: Bruh don’t ask me cause idk
Noosha: Fellas it’s obviously the underdeveloped third leg between your fully developed legs
by JumboJuice69420 August 1, 2019
A magical wand only found on a certain majority of people. You can use it to make milk, babies, and lemonade. Just don’t use it wrong though or you’ll suffer some pretty terrible consequences.
I can suck my own penis! All my friends are doing it!
by Yoyoyoyoyoyo666 December 12, 2021
Something used to fuck someone’s mom last night after dying in a cod lobby.
P1: *dies to P2*
Also P1: I fucked your mom last night.
P2: Not cool man she k*illed herself.
P1: Oh, I’m sorry man-
P2: After seeing your tiny penis!
by OakWood10 January 16, 2022
by Emi Mac Donald November 22, 2018
A delicious lolly you suck on until a creamy white creamy liquid cums out, kinda like a sherbet snack except if you bite you go to jail.
Random guy 1: may I suck your penis

Random guy 2: only if you don't stop.

Random guy 1: gladly. ;)
by Plane Jewus May 14, 2021